Two ways to get involved:

1. Adopt a Project

Community for a cause

At the root of our work is community-owned impact. All over the world, we partner with distinct local ministries serving their local community. When you adopt a project, your community can also partner with one of these ministries to support their work. Here’s how it works:

  1. Choose a project to adopt.

  2. Start a team and choose a monthly commitment.

  3. Recruit your friends, family and networks to join your team. They can choose their own donation amounts, contributing whatever they like.

  4. Watch the impact grow, as your team’s total support is tallied to make a tangible difference.

Whether you mobilize your church, small group, school, office, networking groups, family, or friends, adopting a project is all about the power of a community coming together to support another community. As you support this project over time, you will receive project-specific updates and see the tangible impact your team is having.

2. Plan a Fundraiser

Your passion for a purpose

Love RYG and want to raise money on behalf of a project? Whether you want to donate your birthday, run a race, take on a personal challenge or just do something good, the creative ways you can use your passion to make a difference are endless. Here’s how it works:

  1. Choose a project you would like your fundraiser to benefit.

  2. Create a profile for yourself and set a fundraising goal.

  3. Send your fundraiser out to family, friends, social networks and anyone you can think of.

  4. Watch the donations roll in. Funds raised will be tracked towards your goal and go straight to RYG and the project you select!

Fundraisers are great ways for individuals to advocate for RYG and encourage those around them to donate to support the cause in a creative way.

Ready to get started?