About The Project

Reach Youth Global and Global Surge Ministries have been partnering together for over 10 years to reach Asia with the message of the Gospel. There are over 8 million young people who call Metro Metro-Manila, Philippines home.

Global Surge Ministries of the Philippines, seeks to ImpactInspire and Influence the lives of students across the continent of Asia with the good news of Jesus Christ.

Impact the world through Jesus Christ!

In a world of negative influences, Global Surge seeks to provide a positive message of hope through Christian values along with a process to find that hope in the midst of a struggling community.

From 2013 through 2014, over 289,000 students and professionals heard the Gospel at an evangelistic camp. 136,566 of those individuals made decisions for Christ. 57% of those individuals are involved in the discipleship process.

Inspire others to become world changers!

Once hope is found, we desire to equip others to bring that hope to everyone around them. Over 1500 students are being trained and equipped through Baptist Bible College of Asia each year.

Influence communities with churches that will bring permanent change!

Once a partner is equipped, we desire to help them find real life opportunities to use their skills to change our world for good! Through church planting and intentionally positioning community leaders, we will bring lasting hope to generations.

Urban Church Planting

We support a Biblically Sound, Culturally Relevant, Financially Responsible congregation that reaches the urban population of Asia. Reach Youth Global and Global Surge Ministries goal is to plant 100 new churches by 2018.

Evangelistic Camps

Global Surge, in partnership with Reach Youth Global and other donors, use evangelistic youth camps to reach over 100,000 youth every year with the Gospel. This program has been implemented in many other countries around the globe. It is our goal to see 1,000,000 youth hear the Gospel in one year through evangelistic camps.

Baptist Bible College Asia (BBCA)

BBCA provides university level biblical education for those preparing for life in ministry. BBCA specializes in training pastors, missionaries, and other ministry leaders throughout Southeast Asia.

Feeding Centers

Global Surge has multiple feeding centers world wide, feeding malnourished children with not only food, but also the word of God. This outreach allows us to impact not only the lives of the children and parents, but also the surrounding communities.

About Reach Youth Global

Reach Youth Global transforms developing communities by empowering children and youth to reach their God-given potential. We do this by sharing the Gospel and partnering with individuals, ministries and organizations to spark culture change. Reach Youth Global provides sustainable solutions and shares eternal hope around the world in hopes of ending the cycle of poverty and creating positive community growth. Learn more.