About The Project

Mashah Village is located on the banks of the Nile River in Uganda. The Hebrew word, Mashah means, “to draw out” (Ex. 2:10) as Moses was drawn out of the Nile River. Mashah also means, “anointed”. Moses was set apart by God to lead Israel into the future God had prepared for them. So is our hope for the orphaned and vulnerable children of Uganda. We believe that God can do great things with even the least of these, and Mashah Village will seek to help them discover their God given calling and anointing.

Mashah Village is a reproducible and sustainable model that can be replicated across the continent of Africa. Mashah provides housing for orphans, educational facilities, a church, medical clinic and revenue generating opportunities that directly enhance life in the Mashah Village Community.

Children’s Village

Approximately 20% of the children in the Wakisi Village of Uganda are considered orphaned or abandoned. It was out of the cultural crisis that the Children’s Village was established.

How it Works

Homes are constructed that will house 8 children and their House Mother. These cottages are small and resemble the homes that the African children were raised in. We believe that raising the children in their culture will prepare them for life after Mashah. We will teach them life skills to include gardening, cooking, fishing, and many other skills.

A Healthy Family Atmosphere

Mashah children will live in a family so that they will learn how to love and respect their mother and siblings. Respectable men from the area will regularly visit the children and provide the father figure needed to complete the family structure. Each family will consist of a housemother and 8- children- a number based on cultural considerations. There are women throughout Uganda who have been widowed or abandoned. They will be responsible for overseeing each cottage and offering their godly counsel and wisdom. They will also find the care and protection they need in the village.

Elementary School

In 2014, an onsite elementary school was constructed and established. Children from community as well as the Mashah Children’s Village attend this school.

Boarding School-Upper

Construction is under way for our new Boarding School. The new school will provide education through High School. The Boarding School will provide a first class Christian educational experience in

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